‘Storella should emulate president Obama’

Dear Editor,
The World bank and the IMF are amongst the highest paying institutions in the world as reported by the Economist Newspaper.The guys who work for these institutions are so comfortable and sometimes  they think they belong to a different planet.It is therefore morally wrong for Kundhavi and or Storrella to back the PF  Govt stand on scrapping subsidies on fuel on maize.
Zambians have undergone enough suffering and we have nothing to show for all the sacrifices in the past.
In the 1990’s,  Zambians,both young and the old acquired PHD’s from the ‘School of Sacrifices’  and we are not eager to acquire any more qualifications.We would rather see government pursue other avenues of raising revenues like the re-introduction of windfall taxes and other innovative ideas of re-invigorating Zambia’s economy. Perhaps Storrella should sit down with his counterparts or compatriots(if he has any) in the PF government and educate them on what economic reforms Barack Obama is pursuing other than wanting to see more suffering on the part of Zambians. Mr Obama is pursuing  policies that are bent on  reducing the US deficit by taxing the 1% rich(or America’s wealthiest)  more than the ordinary American citizens.Obama is doing that because he has a big  heart for poor Americans both white and black.Maybe I Should  ask whether Storella is Republican or Democrat. His affiliation will make me understand his line of thinking.Therefore it is hypocritical on the part of Storella or even Kadiresan to suggest otherwise for the impoverished Africans .
Perhaps Storella should chill and be  a little patient with Zambians.With the PF in power  we might be sailing to the shore of  economic stability as promised.When we arrive and have gotten  to the level of both Kundhavi and Stollera’s  level of comfort  we will reconsider whether subsidies are sustainable for Zambia or not.As for now,Its  Aluta continua with Subsidies.
In conclusion, Zambia is endowed with so much wealth and am surprised that we are still dependent on the western world for economic support.I thought that was gone with the previous government.Come on Zambians(FTJ would remark).
John Noel Lungu

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