Strike looming at ZANACO as workers want Alexander Chikwanda’s daughter out

Unionized Zambia National Commercial Bank workers on the Copper-belt
say they will not accept the KR 200 salary increment management want
to award them.

And the workers have threatened to petition  President Micheal Sata
for the removal of Managing Director Martyn Schouten and Director of
Human Resource Chimano Chikwanda who is the daughter in law of Finance
Minister Alexandra Chikwanda.

During a private meeting which attracted ZANACO emplyees from
Chingola,Mufilira and kitwe with some Zambia Union of Financial
Institution and Allied Workers members on friday night 7 june in kitwe
in the evening,the workers said they will not accept the KR 200 salary
increase proplased by management describing it as an insult.

The workers who sought anonymity for fear of victimization said that
looking at the profits the bank is making,it was unfair for management
to give employees peanuts.

One of the union members disclosed that ZANACO senior members of staff
recently increased their fuel allowances by KR 200.

Another employee regretted that the management was concentrating on
ZANACO football club which was not generating income to the bank.

Meanwhile the workers are calling for the removal  of Managing
Director and Director of Human Resources.

The workers accused the two directors of ill treating the employees
and being arrogant adding that the two years that the two senior
officials have been in the company they have shown diminishing

“Mrs Chikwanda has a spirit of confusion in any organisation she works
for”,said one of the employee.”

Another employee said that due to poor management by the two
directors,some Zanaco branches on the copper-belt are even lacking
essentials such toilet paper.

The union representatives held a meeting  to inform the workers  about
the dispute declared by ZANACO management who want KR 200 salary
increment(KR 50 kwacha up keep and KR 150 salary increment)despite
Union propalsing a KR 2000 salary increment and kr 1000 up keep.

And the workers  have condemned the union,describing it of being weak
and not fighting a good call for the employees.

They said that the union is the mouth piece of the workers hence there
suppose to ensure that they negotiate with management. and make sure
that all is well

On  Wednesday 5 June 2013,Management and union met to negotiate among
other things
salary increment for the workers,the union wanted a KR 2000 salary
increment and KR 1000 up keep.
ZANACO is owned by government and RABO bank of Holland where the
managing director originates from.

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