Striking lecturers paralyse Mulungushi University, as parents demand refunds

The strike action by lecturers at Mulungushi university has left operations at the institution completely crippled as it entered ninth day with lectures rubbishing 13 percent increment given to them, meanwhile some parents are demanding for the refund of the tuition fees since their children have not benefitted.

The lecturers are demanding a 25 percent increase but management has equally rejected the demand and resorted to threatening them with dismissals which have all been downplayed. Some students and striking staff even threatened to beat up education deputy minister Sydney Mushanga who visited the institution with a mission to convince them to end the strike.

Parents are now demanding for the refund of the tuition fees but Vice Chancellor Hellicy Ngambi has however pleaded for patience saying that the academic time lost shall be recouped in some way.

Mulungushi University, like all the other public universities is rocked with serious problems which PF have failed to resolve. And s ource has disclosed that even the support staff are also intending to go on strike because the negotiations with management have taken long.

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