Student leader dumps PF



I wish to inform the nation, Patriotic Front members at the Copperbelt University and outside the vicinity of the University that I Mr Kingsley Chinyama tender my resignation from the position of the Patriotic Front CBU Chairperson on humanitarian grounds which I believe have served diligently. I know this decision has come as a shock to the members of the party within Copperbelt University and outside, but I believe and iam convinced beyond reasonable doubt that my decision is best decision. The decision came as a result of constant events that have been happening within the constituency of the University and the most shocking one is were students who are citizens of this country just like any other Zambian were denied to celebrate independence and express their views as part of freedom of expression which our forefathers fought for, but instead they were brutally beaten in front of their mothers,fathers, grandmothers,grandfather’s and their guidians and as if that wasn’t enough they arrested the leadership of the students namely the president, the council Chairperson, academic secretary and other students activists. My heart bleeds,to see the Zambian youths being denied their rights to education by just some few selfish individuals and tomorrow am expected to campaign what? and to who? , what message can i use to convince intellectuals, that things are okay hah!, not in this world that is why I strongly state that my sore purpose of being in position is to represent people’s rightful views. CBU impasse has been ignored, and one would start wondering if at all we live in this country.


Am also deeply saddened by the behaviour of our Hon. Minister Kambwili surely how do you issue a statement without establishing facts on the ground, I wish to challenge the Zambia Intellegence Service and The Zambia Police to tell the national or rather show the nation on what was written on the burners, this tendency of you the intellegence officers lying that the opposition is sponsoring to ministers when you have failed to gather information must stop, surely even you Hon . Kambwili you should be taking time to know the truth and not just opening your mouth anyhow. I shall be operating as the Acting Secretary General of Zambia National Students Union, from this moment and try to bring sanity to this nation. I emplore the Christian community and all CBU students to pray for our brothers and sisters who have been injured as well as our COBUSU president. Lastly , I wish to state and tell the national that we the students are not a bunch of ungrateful overzealous infidels but we a people whose destined to push the rightful agenda for our nation through our beliefs, traditions,norms and correct traits and we shall not be intimidated by any Hon.Minister or any useless MP who don’t have any sense of occasion.



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