Students in Russia not paid allowances

Dear Editor,

I write in respect of the above subject. I am a concerned student studying in Russia. To cut the story short, the Zambian government has not paid us our allowance since January. We the student’s are really struggling to make ends meet. The academic year just opened a few days ago and the authorities in our respected universities want accommodation and other bills cleared.

Last year in December, the government made us sign new contracts in which they clearly stated that they would disburse funds when available. Now the question is what does this statement mean? It means they will be paying out the allowance when they want. But how do we survive without money in a foreign country? I sincerely ask you to publish something in your paper about this problem than let these old guys drag us through February and March without paying out the allowance.

The situation here is moving from BAD to WORSE.

Concerned student.

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