Students in Russia not yet paid

Dear sir/madam,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter to you. I am a student studying in Russia under the Government’s sponsorship. Following the article about our Zambian male students having to dance with old women just to make a source of leaving, the bursaries committee informed us that they had not yet been funded, but as of 1st November Bursaries Committee sent out the Top Up Allowances plus medical insurance allowance to all the countries with Zambian sponsored students.

As am writing to you now all the other student in other countries have received their Allowances, but we have not. In the beginning we were told by our education attaché that the money upon reflecting in the bank would need 3 days to mature so we understood but till now we are being told that the money is not reflecting by our education attaché, please you can refer to our page on Facebook for certification of this it is called “Zasuru zed”.

The truth is our new education attaché Mrs Changwe is very ineffective. Even when we were asking after our Allowances before it was sent by the bursaries committee she had no information and was failing to make follow ups because she doesn’t have a heart for the students. We as the students had to call Zambia ourselves to find out why our Allowances were being delayed. When we were told by bursaries committee telling us they had deposited the allowances we called Mrs Changwe to ask when she would be able to pay us, but she was not even aware that the money had been sent.

Last week Monday was a holiday so we could not get in touch with Mrs Changwe but we managed on Tuesday, she told us that the money was not yet reflecting. So we continued to wait until Friday 8th November we decided to call the Account instead who confirmed that the Allowances were in. We decided to call Mrs Changwe asking her when it was likely for us to be paid, she told us “what money? The money is not yet in” till date Mrs Changwe is not picking calls and still maintains that the money has not been sent.

From the time she got here, there has been no problem she’s been able to solve. She always has a 3rd party to blame for her inadequacy, always blames bursaries or Ministry of education. Even the number of expelled students has reached a whole new level because she can’t even go to the universities to find out what went wrong sometimes it’s over silly little things that just need someone from the embassy to talk on behalf of the students. We are kindly asking for the Government to look into this problem. We need someone who has a heart for the students in that office.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned student.


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