Stupidity has taken over PF – cadre

Stupidity has taken over PF  – cadre

*Stupidity has taken over in PF- Venny Musonda Kabamba.*

“They sit with MMD and call it oneness”

A PF blogger and activist, Venny “indigo” Musonda Kabamba has said the PF has been taken over by stupidity and hero worshipping!

Venny who calls himself “young stately” after a former official at State House, appears to have turned his blogging guns from the opposition to the internal feuds in the party, constantly criticizes President Lungu and his aides for what he terms inept and corrupt leadership.

Venny who has been locked up by police several times for obtaining money by false pretenses, for defrauding lodges and job seekers, has attacked the PF leadership in a scathing posting.

Below is Venny Kabamba’s latest posting

“Zambia is our great nation that has been punctuated by stupidity, a nation where where PF leaders will pose for a photo with opposition leaders and those considered as villains and they will call it oneness”

“but when a simple cadre like Venny poses with the same it’s called sellout and unloyal, a nation where a minister will laugh at what the government purchase and it’s termed as a lite moment,”

“but when a commoner questions the same purchase it’s called an insult”,

“a nation where promises by government become a rooftop success than the end result,”

“a nation where presidential aides are called bosses and worshipped and whoever questions there integrity becomes an enemy of internal security,”

“a nation where people await firing than development,a nation where critical minds are called funded and disobedient”….

“Oh zambia oh my Zambia indeed you need God, you are the only nation that has been declared Christian but has not done anything Christ like oh my zambia indeed you lie as ‘Z’, in the alphabet God arise and serve our nation give wisdom to our leaders!#youngstately

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