Subsidy removal is to cover reckless unbudgeted spending by PF

Fact today: In 2010 17 Trillion was national Budget.  Today 17 trillion goes to salaries and personal emoluments e.g 88 Ministers.

It all started with increase of salaries for the President and Ministries immediately Sata took office; In fact he again increased his salary three months down the line. Then the minimum wage which most Economists advised against; and increase of public service workers salaries without money. This is despite the calls from all sections of society from 2009 to cut down salaries and personal emoluments of the government, which covers half of our national budget. The 2009 13trillion budget had over 47% going to salaries and the plan by the Ministry of finance was to increase salaries of public workers to 11%  per annual; for the budget to be sustained and accommodated economical grow. In 2013 budget would have had almost 35% going to salaries. However, with the wild decisions by the PF government out of 32trilllion National budget over 60% of it is going to salaries.

To makes matters worse! then came the unbudgeted tribunals that cost billions in matters that we all knew answers to; creating of districts that need officers, creation of a province, the firing and returning almost all diplomats worldwide at the same time costing billions, the giving away of 5million tones of fuel to Malawi, rebasing, the never ending By elections, the increase in the number of ministers to 88 costing over half a trillion per annual.

With the above reckless expenditure it created a deficit and became impossible to sustain subsides on Maize and fuel. So Sata had to fund money and the easiest solution to him is starve people as a result of is recklessness decisions. Yes so of the actions like minimum wage and over 25% of public works salary increase might have been noble but it was a very dull move. Now days a country should be run like a business and family at the same time, how do increase salaries without money?

This is the truth

Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe


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