Darfur Children in refuge camp

Sudanese refugee children press up against a fence in Djabal refugee camp near Gozbeida southern Chad on March 15, 2009. United Nations forces took over command from European Union peacekeepers here Sunday to protect refugees and displaced people in Chad and the Central African Republic. The EU’s EUFOR troops swapped their berets for the UN peacekeeping ones in in the eastern Chadian town of Abeche in a symbolic handover ceremony attended by senior officials and diplomats, including French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. Some 5,200 peacekeepers from the UN’s MINURCAT mission are now charged with protecting refugees from Sudan’s strife-torn Darfur region and people displaced by a rebel insurgency in Chad and northern Central African Republic, though roughly 2,000 members of the European force will remain for a few more months under the UN beret until African and Nepalese units arrive. AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE HUGUEN