Suggested road map for new government in first 100 days

Suggested road map for new government in first 100 days

Document dated 1st June 2021.

Road map for the 1st (100 )days in office for the new administration after taking over from the PF on 12th August 2021.

A) Issue an statutory instrument(si )to safeguard certain business to be done by Zambians only.
i) blocking making
ii)stone quarry business
iii) importation of 2nd hand cars
iv) export of precious stones

B) Issue a statutory instrument(si )on all government department supplies of stationery and cleaning materials upto k250,000=00 per month to be given to women and youth owned or empowered companies for 5 years on rotation basis.

C) Offer tax incentives to youth owned and women owned companies registered with ZRA and CEEC that import the following commodities.
i) Communication devices like mobile phones and tablets.
ii) Used motor vehicles
iii) Clothing
iv) Groceries and other foodstuffs
V) Hardware commodities.

D) To review the salaries for the civil servants and Local Government employees due to the high cost of living.

E)To review the electricity tariffs.

F) To review the pump prices for diesel and petrol.

G)To provide a k40 million funding to the Zambia Police Thrift and credit co-operative for it to run efficiently.

H)To review and see to it that the revenue Unza gets from the developers of East Park mall and other business ventures be split 3 ways between the Management of unza, Workers Union of unza and the Students Union .

I) To make it mandatory for all future commercial or residential building projects carried out by companies that are not 75% Zambian owned to offer 26% free shares to the respective local authorities in the area where the development will be undertaken.

H) To provide equal opportunities with regards the promotions within the various government departments to select from within the civil service only.

I) To stop posting caders in the diplomatic service and instead get from within the civil service and local government service commission.

J) To allow for the mine workers union, judiciary and allied workers union of Zambia, the various teachers unions, Local government workers union representatives , to also sit on the Napsa and IDC Boards.

K) To allow for the Resident Doctors Association and the Zambia Union of Nurses to get 10% percentage for each union of the revenue generated from the national health insurance and also have representatives sitting on the national health insurance management authority board.

L) To buy maize from the farmers after 12th August at a price range of k200 to k240 pee 50kg bag.

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    royd kambila 3 weeks ago

    the first hundred days should have been also for currency stabilization against the us dollar and uk pound to reduce the rapid rise of commodities/ goods and services and reduce the cost of doing business, this stabilization is very important in the sense that it will make the kwacha have value and put more money in peoples pockets unlike what is the situation at the moment , at that moment the prices of goods and services will go down , this process will boost businesses and create employment and increase the saving power on the consumers ,which is the opposite currently ,the above road map is also quite impressive encouraging, lets buy into it dear Zambians , people who succeed in life are those who dream big / have big vision than those who don’t have vision /dream at all, and one can know aperson whether he/she can perform in a particular role by their track record, in their lives , what they have done or achieved . my advise to zambians in this election is that please use the brain /not emotions to scritinise presidential candidates in this years elections , the major problem with zambia now is the economy , besides other things like corruption etc , so who is the best man to help us in this area, some one who has demonstrated t in his own life that he knows how to create wealth , he has connections with the international business community to bring dollars in zambia so that our dollar can come down , some one who knows how to create money , run businesses, eg , if zambia borrows $1b , after one year that money can be grown to $2 or more billions at the end of one , ROI, this man is other than the red bally , please try thi gulu, a renowm enterprinuer locally and abroad , he has created thousands of jobs locally through his investments / businessses , and has also contributed to Zambian treasury through paying of taxes by his businesses ,unlike other candidates who were stealing from Zambians through taxes and their businesses where closed, don’t talk about pf , they had their time 10 years , they had the opportunity ,they had all the money $23b to turn around this economy , we had all the rains , the sun was shining through out their tenure , god gave them the opportunity to rule just like god was giving the biblical leaders like david ,saul etc to rule , their time came to be removed , every leader is chosen by god at a particular time for specific purpose , so time also comes when god removes them through his people . that’s why even in churches leaders come and go to bring up new ,fresh ideas . during the 20 years rule for the mmd gorvement , we have had world economic challenges like the world economic recession , of 2008-2009, check how the Zambian economy was performing , the kwacha was just loosing value or depreciating a bit maybe, only by 2-3 percent , showing that the mmd know how to manage the economy very, the economic recession which happened in 2008-2009, during the mmd era ,is just the same as our current corona virus which has affected the world economies , those countries with better economies a not very much affected, those with alread weaker or bad economy are highly hit, / affected , like Zambia our country. look at how rand of SA was affected during the pik of corona , just slightly, because their economy was strong , look at our kwacha /currency, i dont know ,

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    Is this part of the UPND manifesto or an afterthought after the Jamaican forged UPND Manifesto? How can UPND talk about reviewing salaries of civil servants with a view to increasing them on account of economic hardships when the same UPND is against spending 50% of the budget on emoluments? Or, should we then believe Chishimba Kambwili that the UPND would retrench 50% of the civil service workforce if it were to assume power?

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    Maano 3 weeks ago

    Road-map Not Inspiring! Not Strategic!!

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    Why must only women be given opportunities? What about men? Are men richer than women in Zambia? Let’s not copy what is happening in western countries without knowhow.

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    Sorry. Some of the equipment used to map out this road was defective. Of course the equipment was imported and not made in Chambia. For instance, when a similar substitute equipment in top working order was used the road map specifications read: NEVER EXPORT PRECIOUS STONES, PROCESS THEM HERE IN THE COUNTRY THAT WAY YOU EARN FULL VALUE FROM YOUR STONES. Another test on this equipment read: PRODUCE YOUR OWN GOODS INTERNALLY YOU HAVE ALL THE RAW MATERIALS. The final read specification which resulted in this borrowed equipment not to be used any further was: THIS IS A COMPETITIVE WORLD, NEVER EMPOWER LAZY BASTARDS BY SHIELDING THEM FROM HARSH REALITY OF THIS WORLD. THE WORLD WORKS ON SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. WHICH EVER GOVERNMENT COME INTO POWER ITS MANDATE IS CREATE AN ENABLING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH ANY PERSON ABOVE THE AGE OF SIXTEEN CAN DO BUSINESS IF HE/SHE HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED.

    At this point, the equipment was turned off.

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    Honestly you people lets is be serious. Who wrote that crap

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    lulalo 3 weeks ago

    Is UPND following communism? Free 26% shares of buildings 10% income of NHI to nurses and doctors unions, UNZA east park mall revenue shared between students and other unions. This is how HH wants to get votes and take Zambia to dogs?

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    Buck teeth lungu 3 weeks ago

    uPND + common sense = success
    Pf + idiots = death to zambians
    Choose which one you Want ba zambians

    • comment-avatar
      HUGO SEVEN 3 weeks ago