Sunday Chanda’ adultery with state house PS irks wife

Statehouse Permanent Secretary Christah Kalulu’s steamy romantic affair with Sunday Chanda forces Chanda’s wife to cry to President Edgar Lungu to intervene.

Sunday Chanda’s wife is first Secretary at the Zambian Embassy in London. Sunday with the help of his sugar mummy Christah facilitated for her deployment into foreign service so that the dual could have ample juicy time together.

Unknown to the poor woman who was a mere civil servant, she quickly jumped on the opportunity, taking it as a gesture of love from her loving Ben 10. She even went with Sunday’s daughters which he had from a chain of other women because Sunday could not support them.

Christah’s affair with Sunday has angered Sunday’s wife’s family who have sought all the means of help from elders from Sunday’s family, including ba shibukombe, but all to no avail.

“My Sister has always been there for ba Sunday, including paying for him at University of Lusaka until he finished his school because he had nothing, no where to stay, but is this how he can repay him?”, narated the cousin to this reporter.

She further narrated that Sunday and his late young brother even shifted to her sister’s house in Meanwood even before the cupple got married because they had no where to stay.

“Imagine my sister even takes care of ba Sunday’s Children from other women”. She further lamented.

Not long ago, President Edgar Lungu recalled Cosmas Chileshe from New York for eloping with Maureen Nkhandu, people are wondering as to why he is not punishing the randy Christah

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