Sunday Chanda continues attacking Panji, Zulu


By Sunday Chanda

Colonel Panji Kaunda is in dire need of anger therapy. We do not mind being called small idiots by him because we know he is looking at the man in the mirror. We refuse to trade insults with him, not because we cannot but because it’s cheap. Let him deny that he is not a front of the UPND working to destabilise PF from inside. But days for his shenanigans are numbered. We know who he is talking to and what he is doing. He is frustrated because he believes President Lungu owes him a life at his age. We know his circle and some of them are giving us information on their meetings and agenda.

Zambians are witnessing the highest levels of ingratitude from Colonel Panji Kaunda. Col Kaunda must be the last person to maliciously fight the first family because he is a product of the same. He knows what this first family means to his family and we do not to remind him about it. Any right thinking Zambian would expect that if at all Col Kaunda had any grievances against His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, he would find other ways of engaging him than take it upon himself to maliciously drag the President’s name and that of the first family in the mud.

He knows what President Lungu has done for his family that it is only normal for a senior citizen like Col Kaunda to consider the bigger picture before allowing himself to be used by political opportunists. Maybe a time has come for Col Kaunda to auction his birthright with someone more sensible and reasonable in the family.

His frustrations will soon swallow him. This is 2020 and we will not allow him to insult the President in the manner he has tried to do.

We are calling on Col Kaunda to carry out serious introspection. We want to respect him as a senior citizen but that must start with himself. We are going to take him on together with everyone in his cartel. If he has chosen to be the confusionist that he has become, we promise him that we shall take him on and he will cry, a scene we do not wish to see.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters




By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Following an exposure of treachery in the East, there have been some feeble stammering and stuttering “baba-yika-ing” reactions from some guilty quarters.

But the question is: why has Mr George Kanyamula Zulu come in when his name was not even mentioned?

Like my Eastern cousins would say it appears a’ Zulu: *_“A’dadya mtima wa sontho_*!

Kodi ni chani a’Zului achita zinthu mofulumira monga amachita sontho po thawa m’makoko a chimanga munthu akafikapo!

(Why is Mr Zulu is behaving like he ate the heart of the mouse that hides in the maize sheaves nibbling away at the maize and runs very quickly when it hears a person approaching?)

Why has the once upon a time respected Zulu hastily scurried into a defensive hole at the mention of treachery in the Eastern Province when his name was not even mentioned? What signal is he sending?

Isn’t he just confirming his guilt… that he is part of the self-frustrated cartel from the East?

Why the hasty knee jerk reaction? Why has he jumped the gun and come out of the blocks faster than a sprinter on steroids? Where and why is he running to hide?

What has he been “nibbling” at under the covers?

Mr Zulu is supposed to be an elderly man …in fact a grandfather and senior citizen and thus worthy of respect… but he himself is making it extremely difficult.

How does one respect a person who does not respect themselves?

I am not the one who recalled Mr George Zulu, he should learn to tame his frustrations; but since he doesn’t want to act his age and he wants to play politics, we shall take him on.

He may have contributed to the strengthening of the party in the east, but does that give him licence to seek to tear it down in the sneaky manner of a rat in a maize field?

And while late Chanda Chimba III happened to be my name sake, I never worked with him; but that’s not even the issue…Zambia like PF owes Zulu and his cohorts nothing.
The President owes them nothing.

We know they have been planning on either working for UPND or forming a Party; but they are spineless cowards and they have no guts to do it.

We challenge them to come out from hiding and let’s meet on the political battle field.

_“Buluzi wa mnyengo anapanidwa ndi chitseko”_.
The deceitful lizard was crushed by the door.


Sunday Chilufya Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters



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