Sunday Chanda launches Kanchibiya parliamentary campaigns

Sunday Chanda launches Kanchibiya parliamentary campaigns


PF media director Sunday Chanda has started underground campaigns for his intentions to stand as MP for Kanchibiya Constituency. But he is creating the impression that he has president Lungu’s blessing.

Chanda was the MMD candidate for Kanchibiya in 2011 but lost to PF. 

Last Friday, Sunday Chanda dispatched trucks of cement and Iron sheets to some named churches and Chief Mpepo as donations from Chanda with the blessing of president Lungu.

This week, Sunday Chanda is scheduled to send more trucks of goods as donations to Chief Lichembe and Chief Kopa. 

But a source complained that apart from using Lungu’s name, Chanda is abusing his position as a member of the PF secretariat.

‘This is a man that the sitting MPs are are donating K3000 each to make their salaries. He is eating from MPs and yet he wants to contest parliamentary elections. The best is for him to resgin as Media director and join the battle field as opposed to eating the pie in one hand and keeping it,’ one source said. 

Another source explained that Chanda claims that the donatiobs are being made with the blessing of the president who owes him a lot. 

‘President Lungu made his brother Jonas Chanda MP for Mukubwa and Sunday Chanda wife as first Secretary at the UK mission. His other brother brother as post master General who is involved in the social transfer scandal. The brother was stealing from poor people and peasants. Now Sunday the media director is using MPs donations and  stolen money to campign in Kanchibiya constituency to bribe the electorate,’ the source said. 

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