Sunday Chanda tells off independent candidates

Sunday Chanda tells off independent candidates

**** How can you claim to support President Lungu but question his decision not to adopt you ?

Patriotic Front Kanchibiya constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has counselled PF members advising them to resist the temptation of going independent.

In a statement, Mr. Chanda says a person contradicts him or herself if he/she claims to “support” President Edgar Lungu and yet reject his decision, saying that true loyalty is absolute and can never be partial.

Mr. Chanda, has advised members of the Party who were not adopted to stand in various constituencies, to resist the temptation of standing as Independent Candidates in the forthcoming 12th August 2021 elections.

He noted that the Patriotic Front Central Committee is the highest decision making body of the Party between conventions, and that decisions made by the Committee should accordingly be respected by all bonafide members of the Party.

“Central Committee is chaired by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also Party President. I urge my brothers and sisters who wish to stand as independent councillors, council Chairpersons/Mayors, Parliamentary Candidates to seriously consider the implications of their decisions.” He said

“All of us must resist any attempt to weaken the fabric of our Party. We must also demonstrate utmost respect for the President and Central Committee”, Mr. Chanda added.

He said the decision of the Central Committee reflects the decision of the President as Chairman of all its sittings.

“It is therefore self-contradictory for one to say they “support” President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, and yet reject decisions of the body he chairs. You cannot say you support the President half way. It has to be all the way. True Loyalty is absolute – it can never be partial,” he charged

Reflecting on similar temptations that confronted him when he was not adopted in 2016, Mr. Chanda sympathised with the affected aspirants and appealed to their sense of loyalty.

“Not being adopted is a painful experience but also serves a “loyalty test”. In 2016, I was an aspiring candidate -for Kanchibiya and very strong on the ground, Central Committee sitting at the time resolved that he “stand down”. He recalled.

“While this was a bitter pill to swallow, it was even more painful that the candidate who was adopted in my stead had not even applied to stand, neither was he interviewed by any structure. But I heeded the directive by the Party leadership. I drove all through the night and ensured I was at Kopa Primary School to support my elder brother Dr Martin Malama’s nomination”. Chanda added.

The immediate past PF Media Director further recalled how he managed to assuage his vast following in the constituency, and how he persuaded the people of Kanchibiya to rally behind the candidate that had been adopted in his place.

“Although I was under severe pressure from the people in Kanchibiya Constituency to contest the 2016 election as an Independent candidate, by God’s Grace I resisted the temptation and campaigned for my elder brother Dr. Malama and voted for him,” He said.

“I have no regrets whatsoever because I passed the loyalty test. I served as PF Media Director of the Party for five years, the longest serving Media Director, defending and promoting the ideals of the President and the Party. Today in 2021, I am the PF Parliamentary Candidate for Kanchibiya and I still carry the same sense of loyalty to the Party leadership,” Mr. Chanda added

He further said that loyalty demands integrity and consistency.

“It may be hard to be loyal sometimes, and it is often costly to self. But at the end of the day, loyalty defines who we really are at the very core of our being. I am therefore confident that our brothers and sisters who are pondering the independent route will reconsider their plans, work to strengthen the Party, and instead do the right thing by throwing their weight behind the decisions of the Central Committee, which reflect the decision of the President”, The Kanchibiya farmer observed.

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