Sunday Chanda’s formulae for relevance

Sunday Chanda’s formulae for relevance

By Friday Kashiwa

If Sunday Chanda’s employers, the Patriotic Front are happy with his performance or lack of it, as the Chief Marketer of the party’s Manifesto, then let it be so; for who are we as zambians and other foreign interested parties and observers to start casting aspersions on the PF’s chosen media genius.

I stand to be corrected and readily available to render my unreservedly apology: But suffice to say that out of any 100 media statements and appearances Sunday Chanda makes, 95% will be talking about the UPND or Hakainde Hichilema. Why?
It’s so simple to understand: At the time the PF Manifesto was being formulated by the late Michael Chilufya Sata and his dedicated and loyal team, Sunday Chanda was on the other side of the political equation.

So, instead of propagating and selling the policies and programs of his new found party, the PF, he has to find something else to make him look relevant to his appointing authorities:
And that thing is HH and the UPND: Even when HH is brilliantly and convincingly articulating his UPND Party policies and programs, Sunday Chanda will always try to come in to condemn and water it down.
When the UPND MPs decide to be good leaders and citizens by observing and respecting the Ministry of Health COVID 19 guidelines, Sunday Chanda will come out in full force to condemn them.

So many examples abound but suffice to say, the man has by all means tried to make himself relevant in PF and no one should blame him.

During our time at Secondary School, we would always try to make ourselves relevant by moving around carrying the most respected and acclaimed intergrated Science text book ABBOT; for three years moving around with Abott, but only reading the most simple pages and topics.

In Accountancy college, we would move around, for 3 years, carrying around the most respected and acclaimed accountancy text book, FRANK WOOD, but all those years, we we’re just solving the same simple and straight forward questions we knew and understood.

So just like Sunday Chanda, we also looked academically RELEVANT.

Friday Kashiwa.

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    Numwa 2 weeks ago

    This has made my day. Abott and Frank Wood are really familiar experiences. However, the point is that Sunday Chanda has been marketing HH and the UPND. He doesn’t seem to realise tat time is running out for him and PF as party. He is running a very ineffective propaganda of the Joseph Goebbels at the time of Hitler. This is the 21 st Century Boss Chanda We have gone into postodernism in marketing and PR. Evey time you mention HH UPND you are creating a subconscious experience and awareness in people about HH and UPND. We don’t market products by mentioning competitors products.

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    Chilyata 2 weeks ago

    Ba Musonda, no PF shouldn’t fire him; they should keep him so that they lose the elections and they can fire him after that so that he can even lose the Erections too!

  • comment-avatar
    Zambian 1 2 weeks ago

    That’s the level of leadership pf wants to lower this country, no wonder they have been rejected

  • comment-avatar
    Every day Sunday commits a crime 2 weeks ago

    He is creating criminal cases for himself & PF will not be there to defend him

  • comment-avatar
    Simpo Sitali 2 weeks ago

    Namunsekesha sana ba Friday, ABBOT in Secondary School tayaleshala pakuboko to impress other Pupils, and later on Frank Wood, makamaka, VOLUME 1, you have really made my day Sir!!

  • comment-avatar
    Musonda 2 weeks ago

    kikiki…hope Sunday mampara is reading this…unfortunately he doesn’t have a conscious…big head of a Should fire this boy..