Sunday Chanda’s thirsty for blood shed

Sunday Chanda’s thirsty for blood shed

By Laura Miti

Sunday Chanda’s Dark Thoughts

On a BBC video showing a badly beaten Zimbabwean ooposition leader Nelson Chamisa, PF media director Sunday Chanda write this:

This is sad for Cde Nelson Chamisa!

And people say Zambia has issues??

In Zambia, Opposition leaders meet, insult, speak good English, drink coffee and can still walk about freely?


My response to him was:

Sunday, the first time I heard you say this kind of thing – that we should praise EL because if he was a bad man, some opposition leaders would be dead – a chill run up my spine. It is deeply disturbing that an individual as close to power as you are muses so often about physical harm to opponents. Harm that comes as a consequence of their politcal work. It is not a very long walk from “people should be grateful that they are not hurt” to actually hurting them. If you say these things in public, one shudders to imagine what you say behind closed doors to PF cadres already known to embrace excessive violence as a legitimate political strategy. Never in our history have I heard anyone so close to the centre of power so openly suggest people are lucky to be alive. That they should be grateful they get to their beds in one piece after a day’s work. You, Sunday, are dangerous. At least your thoughts are darker than any we are accustomed to in this our crazy, but generally gentle, Zambia. I pray you are never the one who holds real power. Truth is I wish you would be far from power at this fraught time in our history that cries out for composed minds who place this Zambia before personal gain. But that is not my call.

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