Supply cartel at Mopani Copper Mines

Dear Editor
Thank you very much for according us this opprtunity to inform the nation of the existence of a very sorphiscated organised supply cartel at mopani copper mines.The Pf Government has always promised local zambian companies of protection from un fair business trading at all the mines but this is totally the opposite.
We are inviting the Government through the ACC,DEC,OP,Mopani Group security manager to do a very thorough investigation at this mine.We the local suppliers are being systematically taken out of business at Mcm by this cartel.The Cartel has employed the services of a white lady called Juliata Dias(from chile) the buying supretendant.We do not think the supply manager is involved in this as this Juliata has been given too much powers to even ignore instructions of his bosses.
We will be releasing this infomation bit by bit.For now we demand that the investigating wings establish a connection between Juliata and the following white owned companies who are getting huge jobs through single sourcing;
1.JS scallan,2.Liquid rock,3.Nuco.
Just to give you an idea,Imagine Nuco has been contracted to be serving tea and pampompo(Buns) to the miners.This tender has never` been advertised as there are zambian owned companies who can easily do the same at even cheaper rates.We know Juliatas husband is the only one supplying Mcm with valves on single quotes using liquid rock.
To see how this cartel works,we request that all orders and contracts given to these companies be reviewed.Just go in the mopani e-work flow system to see how this woman is  manipulates the tender processes involving these companies.
We have inside infomation on this lady which we shall be sharing with the nation in due course.As Zambian suppliers we demand that this Juliata be moved to another department or we shall demonstrate
in large numbers.This lady is not even qualified to hold that office,she was employed by her relative an ex chief executive.Everyone at mopani group supply knows that this woman is against zambian companies.
To Zambian suppliers,do not dispair,our time for action has come.You will be notified shortly on the next action to be taken.
Juliata your time is up,this time we are in a new Gov we wont spare you.Go back to chile or you will be arrested for abbetting corruption.
To all the buyers at Mcm,please promote you country men,buy from zambian owned companies.We understand your frustrations.You will be reberated very soon.
Yours concerned Zambians.

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