Support Sata even if you don’t see him – Kelvin Sampa

Support Sata even if you don’t see him – Kelvin Sampa

First ladies meeting in Windhoek last week

First ladies meeting in Windhoek last week


A conman called Kelvin Sampa has urged youths in the country to rally behind President Michael Sata for the ‘good governance’ he has put in place even if they don’t see him.

Sata has not been seen in public from June 20, 2014 but still photos of him standing near a plane have been circulated. Last Friday Sata was supposed to swear in more members of the family forest to his government but failed.

For the first time since the PF came in power, Sata’s wife Kaseba missed a first ladies meeting. The eighth ‘Stop Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancer in Africa’ Conference took place in Windhoek, Namibia last week and Kaseba was absent. Kaseba has been going round the world collecting ‘awards’ on breast cancer and has been one of the most prominent members of the Forum of African First Ladies Against Breast & Cervical Cancer.

Sata is said to be in a very critical condition of dementia and prevented from speaking in public to avoid the drama of the century.

To try and divert attention, the PF has sponsored a collection of conmen and queer politicians to issue statements to denounce anyone who questions the absence of Sata from the public.

Senior members of the defence and security forces have since taken over presidential decision making owing to Sata’s inability to reason properly.

But Sampa, who has conned at least two former presidents before he started ‘chewing’ with the current regime says it is important that the youths support the Head of State to ensure that he accomplishes his mandate and all his programs.

He was speaking at a press conference on Sunday. Sampa said he also, like other PF cadres, thinks there is no crisis in the Country and that he does not foresee any Presidential By-election.

But Sampa being the crook he has always been is careful not to mention or condemn opposition leaders, as he knows that he will need to ‘chew’ with the next government. To him this is business.

Sampa said Sata still has the mandate to rule Zambia till 2016.

In the photo below, African first ladies at a meeting in Windhoek last week pose for photo with president Pohamba of Namibia



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