Supporters prevent police from searching HH’s house

Supporters prevent police from searching HH’s house

Police summon HHA heavy presence of supporters and personal security at opposition UPND Hakainde Hichilema residence prevented ailing dictator Michael Sata’s police wing from searching or possibly planting drugs and seditious materials at his home.

As a compromise, Sata has now abused the police to question Mr. Hichilema at Woodlands police station on Monday for yet specified reasons

But yesterday, former fyabukaya actor Kennedy Sakeni as Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya gave a hint when he claimed some opposition leaders are funding civil society organisations to champion calls for the release of the new draft constitution.

It is also possible Sata wants Hichilema to be arrested for passing through one of the compounds with a permit. It is now a crime in Zambia for opposition leaders to visit friends and relatives in compounds without a police permit.

Kapeya claimed government has noticed a financial trail which suggest that churches, civil society organisations and all the Zambians calling for the new constitution have been paid by some opposition leaders.

Even Sata himself who lied and was voted on the promise of the new constitution within 90 days has been claiming some people have hijacked the process.

It is not clear whether Mr. Hichilema is being summoned for these allegations but the each time he appears at police stations, there has been some ugly scenes that have in the past resulted in teargasses inside police offices and even injuries.


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