Media suppression and treatment of journalists like criminals by PF shocks oyv


Operation Young Vote (OYV) says it is vexed at the rate and level of media suppression going on in Zambia.

Commenting on the detention of journalists by the PF regime, OYV Director Guess Nyirenda reminded the PF Government, Opposition Political Parties and other stakeholders that life without the media and journalists in particular is a nightmare.


He said his organization is very vexed at the rate and level of suppression of media freedom by the PF Government through the harassment of journalists.

‘It is sad that Zambia is retrogressing on the scores made in the past regarding freedom of the press which is a critical ingredient to good governance.

‘The PF Government should have known and should be told in case they don’t know that they are not immune to criticism and divergent view;’ said Nyirenda in a press statement.


He continued: ‘the unfortunate case in the PF regime is that those arrested for instance the journalists arrested recently are treated as convicts.

‘They are already found guilty even before taken before the courts of law to be heard.’

Nyirenda said ‘our law is very clear on one being innocent until proven guilty, but it seems that in this regime the interpretation is otherwise. What is difficult in applying the law as it is? It will not pay harassing the media and journalists. Those elected should just fulfill their promises.’


Nyirenda said ‘as an organization must be very categorical at this point that we do not condone insults or any unpalatable in the media or from journalists or indeed anyone.

We all need the media and journalists not only for good governance but more so for our day to day living. As we call for a responsible media and journalists, let us all respect, promote and protect freedom of the media and journalists for they are inevitable in this civilized and modern life. .

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