Supreme Court to resume persecuting Chifire

Supreme Court to resume persecuting Chifire

The nine Supreme Court judges who are trying to hide corruption in the judiciary and Stanbic Bank will today resume persecuting Southern Africa Network against Corruption executive director Gregory Chifire.

Meanwhile, Stanbic will be raising more money from this year musical festival by inflating the bills just like last year in order to cover the money that went to bribing judges, lawyers, bailiffs etc (details coming).

Stanbic lawyer Eric Silwamba has told the judges led by deputy chief justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa that he expects nothing but six months imprisonment for Chifire. The judgement has already been written but the judges are just trying to be seen to be making Chifire go through a semblance of a trial.

This is in the ongoing embarrassing case where Supreme Court judges have charged Bishop John Mambo, Gregory Chifire and a journalist Derick Sinjela with contempt of court for asking Chief Justice Irene Mambilima to address corruption allegations in the Stanbic v Savenda case. The same judges who are accused of corruption are the ones judging the activists. The summons and charges were drafted by the same judges. The same judges are also the complainants in the matter. Deputy Chief Justice Mwanamwambwa is the prosecutor while witnesses are also supreme Court judges and their spouses. This is also the final court of appeal in Zambia, meaning that there is nowhere else they can appeal against this injustice and abuse.

This particular case has been picked by international human rights agencies and will be one of the key case studies when these organisations review Zambia’s human rights record at the end of the year. Both chief Justice Irene Mambilima and her deputy Mwanamwambwa have been made aware of this but Mwanamwambwa has responded that, it is the executive (ruling party politicians) that will be affected by such negative international reports and not the judges, so it is none of his business.


Chifire is representing himself in the kangaroo court because the judges have intimidated all Zambian lawyers therefore no lawyer is willing to defend him. The Judges will only accept a lawyer to stand before them if that lawyer will be there to convince Chifire to withdraw his letters and apologise to them like Bishop John Mambo did. That is how they tricked Bishop Mambo using lawyer Chifumo Banda. Chifumo Banda met the judges and Silwamba in dark corners a day before hearing then went to prevail over Bishop Mambo and made him recant. Bishop Mambo who admitted guilty hoping that the Kangaroos will let him go scot free is now having sleepless nights as he awaits his fate. After admitting guilty against his conscious, the Kangaroos simply told him go home and wait for them to decide whether to imprison him or not. This in itself is enough punishment as Bishop Mambo does not know what will happen to him.



Deputy Chief Justice (Mwanamwambwa): The last time we adjourned on account that you wanted to look for a lawyer, have you found one now?

Chifire: No my Lord, I tried all I could, but all the Lawyers I found are not comfortable to represent me before a bench of 9 Supreme Court Judges.

However, this morning I filed two petitions in the Constitution Court for determination of Constitutional issues especially on procedure adopted here because as far as am concerned powers to prosecute are a preserve of the NPA under the DPP, and I have also filed in the High Court for determination of human rights matters because I feel that my rights such as freedom of expression are being infringed upon.

I know this court is a court of laws, and the hourable Justices there took oath to defend the Constitution.

And as a bonafide Citizen of the Republic of Zambia, I have duties, rights and obligations, which I shall respect.

Therefore having said that, I seek for adjournment or stay pending determination of the matters in other courts.

(Bench goes silent, starts whispering to each other for 5 minutes)

Mwanamwambwa: The court will adjourn for 15 minutes to consult on this matter.

(After 21 minutes, court reconvenes)

Mwanamwambwa: We have considered your application and it is denied. We are proceeding with trial right now. Contempt did not happen in those courts, but happened in this court, you here that?

Chifire: But my Lord, I have my rights, unless the court wishes to go against my rights. The court is supposed to protect my rights, it is a citadel of justice.

Mwanamwambwa: we are proceeding, you hear that? Read the charge to him. You cannot lecture us on procedure. Who are you. Lecturing Supreme Court Judges?, hehe! Read the charge

In the case of Savenda v Stanbic, the High Court ordered Stanbic to compensate Savenda K192m for loss of contracts after Stanbic negligently and maliciously reported Savenda to the credit Reference Bureau. But the Supreme Court trashed the High court Judgement and instead ordered Savenda to pay costs from the time the case started, generating public outcry and suspicion that the Supreme Court has been bribed. The bill which Silwamba wants Savenda to pay the Bank is K10 million.

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