Supreme Court begins process to intimidat civil society

Supreme Court begins process to intimidat civil society


The case in which the Supreme Court is trying to intimidate civil society by charging them with contempt of court has started.

Bishop John Mambo and Gregory Chifire are standing charged with contempt of court for commenting on a case that was finalised by the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, Stanbic Lawyer Eric Silwamba is key witness in this case.

Deputy Chief Justice Mwanamwamba is also the prosecutor and main judge.

Supreme Court Judge A. Wood is the first witness .

Civil leaders led by NGOCC board meamber Sara Longwe are in attendance wearing black.

UPP president Xavier Chishimba is also in court to give solidarity.

In the case of Savenda v Stanbic, the High Court ordered Stanbic to compensate Savenda K192m for loss of contracts after Stanbic negligently and maliciously reported Savenda to the credit Reference Bureau. But the Supreme Court trashed the High court Judgement and instead ordered Savenda to pay costs from the time the case started, generating public outcry and suspicion that the Supreme Court has been bribed. The bill which Silwamba wants Savenda to pay the Bank is K10 million.

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