Supreme Court convicts anti-corruption journalist

Supreme Court convicts anti-corruption journalist


As unsurprisingly expected, the biased Supreme Court led by deputy chief justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa has today convicted anti-corruption activist and Rainbow Newspaper managing editor Derrick Sinjela for simply speaking out on the corruption that has crept into the Zambian Judiciary.

Sinjela was slapped with the offence of contempt of court after writing a series of article on the Savenda vs Stanbic Bank case in which both Court of Appeal and Supreme Court judges behaved rather suspiciously in favour of the notorious Stanbic Bank.

“You have been convicted upon your own admission of guilt but sentencing has been reserved to November 28,” Mwanamwambwa said in a threatening voice, which is not how sober judges behave.

Sinjela, however, asked for leniency from the kangaroo court but Mwanamwambwa retorted: “why do you want us to forgive you when you continuously published the article even when the appeal was being heard?”

Mwanamwambwa even accused Sinjela, a veteran journalist, of printing banners which he stuck at the court entrance when he was fully aware that Stanbic Bank had appealed against the case in which Lusaka High Court judge Justin Chashi had ordered the bank to pay Savenda Management Services K 192.5 million for negligently reporting the company to the Credit Reference Bureau.

“You even put big banners along many streets of Lusaka including the road near the Chikwa Court,” he threatened Sinjela.

And to the utter shock of those who were in attendance, Mwanamwambwa even went to the extent of questioning Sinjela’s qualifications alleging that he was not the author of the said articles.

But Sinjela maintained that he was the author of the articles as he was a qualified journalist.

I know the gravity of my case but I am asking for a sentence that is lenient,” said Sinjela.

Now, what do you expect from a compromised Supreme Court who tare the complainants in the matter. Not only that. The same Supreme Court judges have been prosecuting the matter, which is unheard of.

Finally, you expect this same angry and biased Mwanamwambwa to pronounce the sentence.

Zambians, you are in trouble from these corrupt creatures who have tried everything in the book to get at Savenda.

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