Supreme Court has ordered BoZ to pay me for being fired from Finance bank – Miles Sampa

Supreme Court has ordered BoZ to pay me for being fired from Finance bank – Miles Sampa

sampaMiles Sampa has posted the following message and documents on his facebook page:

Miles Sampa vs Bank of Zambia (BOZ and Finance Bank (FBZ). K578, 000 Payment 13.11.13

Apologies to critics that may opt to misunderstand this but I have to exhale to put closure on the public humiliation I suffered. In 2010, I was fired by the Bank of Zambia out of Finance Bank as Executive Director of Treasury and International Banking, a job I had held for over 7 years and been in the profession for over 13 years.

No notice and no reason was ever given for the unprecedented hounding of a corporate employee with armed security men from within and from South Africa. I was given 15 minutes to pack personal items in my office before being escorted out of the Building.

State media was loud on my eviction without stating what I had done wrong and more so given that I had never been in the Bank’s Lending Committee as was speculated.

I sued both FBZ and BoZ in the Industrial High Court and won in 2011 with compensation pegged at 6 months salary and other allowances at 13% interest. BoZ appealed to the Supreme Court and not on the merits of the case, but arguing on who should pay me between them and FBZ.

Not at any time was the Judge told what I had done wrong to warrant the inhuman dejection out of employment except that BoZ had powers to do so.

The Real Reason was indeed political. The then BoZ and their masters did not like me because I was connected and was a strong supporter of the then Opposition leader Michael Sata and the PF.

Despite having a Legal unit, BoZ outsourced one of the most expensive law firms to ‘defend’ them in this matter but they lost. I now have a signed judgement at Supreme Court level and hence the payment of K578, 000 last week through my lawyers.

I however consider this payment as preliminary given a number of other unresolved issues on the Court award.

Disclosure has hereby been made given that I am now a public servant and this type of credit to my bank account is not ordinary. As may be appreciated, this payment is of a ‘pension’ nature and hence is not available for donations and or advances. Though belated, I am happy to have finally been vindicated of that 2010 political ordeal and victimization.

Miles Sampa- Former Bank Treasurer turned Politician.

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