Supreme Court judge Chitengi dies

Justice Peter Chitengi, one of the Supreme Court Judges, has died, the Watchdog has learnt.

Justice Chitengi succumbed to prostate cancer today, Sunday.

He died at Victoria Hospital in Lusaka.

It has since emerged that Justice Chitengi has retired last month.

Justice Chitengi is one of the three judges who sat on tribunal to probe Current minister of education Dora Siliya over possible wrong doing over the signing of a Meorundum of Understanding to evaluate ZAMTEL when she was transport minister.

Justice Chitengi later faced a court petition to vacate office as Supreme Court Judge due to his age which the petitioners said above retirement ceiling.

Simeza, Sangwa and Associates asked the High Court to order Chief Justice, Ernest Sakala and Supreme Court judge, Peter Chitengi to vacate their offices.

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