Supreme Court judges buy new latest cars

Supreme Court judges buy new latest cars

The Judiciary has acquired new vehicles for the Chief Justice, her Deputy and Supreme Court Justices. This is despite the current fleet being less than two years.

A source from the Judiciary has disclosed that the judiciary has acquired a latest Mercedes Benz ML630 (like the one in photo) a Toyota VX and a Ford Ranger for Ireen Mambilima while her Deputy Mervin Mwanamwambwa has a new Benz and a Toyota VX.

The other Justices have new Toyota VX’s. These vehicles have been bought for them whilst the others which are less than two years old which are GX’s have been sold to them at give away prices. The source also wondered why Ireen Mambilima is buying new vehicles every year. ” When Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda left office, she took over madam Chibesakunda’s fleet, then she quickly acquired a new fleet now she has another fleet. Why all these vehicles? When you question you are sent to jail. Let the Auditor General question this” a source said.

This is the same Supreme Court that sentenced Gregory Chifire to six years for questioning a corrupt judgement. It would probably be proper to start calling Ireen Mambilima a Thief Justice and her Deputy, Deputy Thief Justice.

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