Supreme Court judges determined to jail graft fighter Chifire today

Supreme Court judges determined to jail graft fighter Chifire today


– He is currently standing before nine Supreme Court judges in the Kangaroo court.

– refer to lawyers as fools

Some courageous lawyers Landilani Banda, McQueen Zaza and another lady lawyer risked their practicing licences by appearing in court to represent Chifire and asked the judges what procedure they are using.
This annoyed the Kangaroos who started shouting at the lawyers and threatening to revoke their practicing licences.

The judges failed to explain what procedure they are using but simply said they have been at the bench for more than 25 years so can’t be lectured on procedure.

The judges who are abusing the judiciary said they will make judgment today. This is shocking because there are many old cases pending in the Supreme Court but are not being expedited.

The court room is fully packed by concerned citizens, NGO leaders and LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa is in attendance too.

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The nine Supreme Court Judges this morning could not hide their anger as they literally abused and insulted lawyers representing anti corruption activist Gregory Chifire in a matter he stands accused of Contempt against the same Judges, who are the complainant, prosecutor, witness and Judge in the matter.

The angry Deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwamba , who called the three defence Lawyers “fools” said the court would not entertain any further adjournment as they were ready to proceed to handdown judgement against Chifire.

The three Lawyers representing Chifire are Landilani Banda, McQueen Zaza and a Ms. Kumwenda.

The three lawyers tried to seek clarification on the procedure that was used on the matter but this angered the Judges who accused the three Lawyers of lecturing to them.

“You are not here to lecture us on the pints if law. Remember for us to be here were had to be down there (as practicing lawyers) for more than 25 years. You are literally making fools of yourself to come here ill prepared for the matter,” said Mwanamwambwa.

Another Judge, Mutuna accused the three lawyers of abrogating the Legal Practitioners Act by going to court ill prepared.

For over one hour the bench took turns in abusing and intimidating the Lawyers for “obviously challenging their procedure in the contempt case that has tuned world attention on the Zambia legal system.”

The Judges insisted that the Lawyers present the witness from the Mast who was not available.
“Can we now proceed. Present the witness now…we are not ready to adjourn this matter for anything we want to pass judgement today and now. This matter has been going on for the past three months. We have been very polite,” said Mwanamwambwa.

Judge Hamaundu, who also was visibly annoyed also warned the lawyers against wasting time.
Earlier when the matter started was called, Lawyer Banda asked the Court for some clarification as to what procedure was used to bring the matter.
Respectfully the lawyer asked whether the matter was civil or criminal in nature as both processes had a unique way they are supposed to be presented.

The matter has attracted both local and international attention as the Court was full with legal practitioner, civil rights activists and other members if the public.
Notable among those in the audience were Law Association of Zambia president Eddie Mwitwa, GEARS Initiative Zambia Executive director , McDonald Chipenzi, Zitulike Consortium executive director Nicholas Phiri and other members from NGOCC.

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