Supreme Court Judges meet in Kafue to bribe witnesses

Supreme Court Judges meet in Kafue to bribe witnesses

Judge Muyovwe

Three Supreme Court judges over the weekend held a clandestine meeting at Chita Logdge in Kafue (formerly Rimo) to coax and bribe witnesses and journalists. This is is in the ongoing embarrassing case where Supreme Court judges have charged Bishop John Mambo, Gregory Chifire and a journalist Derick Sinjela with contempt of court for asking Chief Justice Irene Mambilima to address corruption allegations in the Stanbic v Savenda case.

The judges instead decided to silence anti corruption voices by threatening to jail them. In the contempt of court case, Supreme Court judges and their spouses and Stanbic lawyers are the arresting officers, prosecutors, witnesses and judges.

The three judges who met at Chita lodge are
Judge Elizabeth Muyovwe , Nigel Mutuna and Gregory Phiri. The three met named individuals from the civil society and named journalists.

In the meeting, judges offered the potential witness money and promised unspecified favours if only they could agree to bear witness and implicate Bishop Mambo and Chifire.

In a normal country, meeting and discussing with witnesses is the job of the police and prosecutors. But in this Kangaroo court case, judges are also the prosecutors hence desperately meeting witness in dark corners. This is really shameful for the people who are supposed to be the most senior judges in the country now reduced to desperate idiots.

Earlier on a Thursday, the same judges were forced to postpone the contempt of court case when Chifire did not appear before the hyenas. We see no reason for Chifire or anyone to appear before this illegal, Kangaroo court. Chifire and Bishop Mambo should not even try to find lawyers to defend them as doing so will be legitimating this circus.

On Thursday, it was only judges Muyovwe, Gregory Phiri and deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa in court. Mutuna had gone somewhere with weak but corrupt Chief Justice Irene Mambilima. We understand other judges are beginning to resist being used by Mambilima and Mwanamwambwa to perpetuate this illegality.

The two have already written the judgment in which they plan to jail Chifire and Bishop Mambo for six months for saying something on a case that was already disposed of by courts. We believe this is abuse of authority and at the right time, each of these judges will be held accountable.

Mwanamwambwa is taking this case personally especially after his sexual affair with one of the judges in the lower court was exposed.

Judge Muyovwe, in the photo, went to the meeting in a car with a South African number plate.

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