Supreme court orders High Court to include Miles Sampa in Lungu’s ‘consent judgment’

The supreme court has allowed Matero MP Miles Sampa to be enjoined to the High Court case which purported to recognise Edgar Lungu as PF president.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the matter should be taken back to the High Court and Sampa be part of the proceedings.

This means that the ‘consent judgement’ has been technically set aside as the court will have to hear the matter afresh with Sampa giving his side of the story.

It also means that the court will have to decide which of the two parallel PF conferences held in Kabwe elected a legitimate president for PF.

This means that Lungu will have to stop masquerading as PF president and also stop campaigning until the matter is determined, but nominations start this week.

The matter will now have to be allocated to a new Judge other than Judge Mulenga and Judge Chali as it cannot be referred back to the same Judges who the Supreme Court have ruled as having misdirected themselves as that is what rules of natural justice dictate.

In any case, Judge Mungeni had already recused herself from the matter because of her close relationship with Lungu.

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