Supreme Court today rules whether former MPs qualify to re-contest

The Supreme Court bench was  Thursday July 3rd, set to make a ruling and determine whether former Solwezi Central MMD MP Lucky Mulusa, former Kasenengwa MMD MP Victoria Kalima, former Mkushi MMD MP Sydney Chisenga, former Vubwi MMD MP Eustacio Kazonga, former UPND MP Charles Kakoma are eligible to re-contest their seats.

And the case in which UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is charged with publication of false information when he alleged that PF were training militia in Sudan is also coming up for continued trial at Lusaka’s magistrate court this morning.

Highly placed judicial sources told the Zambian Watchdog that there has been heated debate in among the Supreme Court judges regarding the delays in disposing of the case involving the former MPs that has led to a number of constituencies lacking representation for a very long time now.

“Some of the Supreme Court judges confronted Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda on why it was taking long to dispose off the cases involving the nullified seats. It is like Madam Chibesakunda was reluctant to dispose off the case because her party PF was not ready for the by-elections coming soon after the humiliation defeat in Katuba constituency to the UPND and were fearing another defeat,” judicial sources told the Watchdog.

Sources said after pressure from other Supreme Court Judges who feel embarrassed with the behaviour of Chibesakunda, it was decided that the case be disposed off today so that the PF created by-elections can take place.

And highly placed sources said there are indications that the Supreme Court ruling today might bar the affected MPs from re-contesting their seats.

Sources however were not clear whether today’s judgement will also include seats that were held by Petauke Central MMD MP Dora Siliya, former Malambo MMD MP Maxwell Mwale, and former Mulobezi UPND MP Hastings Sililo because these are the seats that directly prompted the court action and postponement of the by-elections.

And the case in which UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is being persecuted for prophesizing the coming of the PF militia trained in Sudan is coming up for continued trial at Lusaka’s magistrates court this morning before Aridah Chulu’s court.

There has been heavy security and police brutality on UPND sympathisers each time the case came up that resulted in one PF cadres ploughing into UPND members with a vehicle last time injuring several people.

Justice Minister Wynter kabimba is among those expected to go to court and testify as he is the one who signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the rogue state of Sudan for the PF cadres to be trained at that country’s military university.

The country has since experienced massive violence and brutality at the hands of PF cadres sometimes leading to deaths even among PF cadres themselves.

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