Supreme court to hear Sampa’s challenge for Lungu’s PF presidency

The Supreme Court will this Friday hear arguments in the case in which Miles Sampa is challenging the election by show of hands of Chamawa MP Edgar Lungu as PF president.

Lunngu and the cartel surrounding him connived with Mungeni Mulenga, a judge related to Lungu, to enter into a questionable and defective default judgement to declare Lungu as PF president.

When Sampa tried to challenge the fraudulently obtained and flawed consent judgment, another judge told him that he is abusing the court process, that he was too late and that he should have checked the Online media to know that the case had already been decided.

Sampa then decided to look for justice in the Supreme Court.

According to heads of arguments (summary of main points to be argued in court) submitted by Sampa’s lawyers in the Supreme Court today (Wednesday), Sampa says that the High court judge was wrong when he said Sampa abused the court process.

Sampa’s lawyers also argue that the high Court judge was wrong to refuse to hear his side of the story.

He argues that the high court judge was also wrong to declare Lungu as PF president when Lungu did not even ask the judge to do so.

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