Surprising things which Zambians have accepted as normal


1. Living without electricity supply. Am sure the story of load shedding has become a national anthem for all. At one time we were promised that load shedding will be a thing of the past when PF wins but alas, the meant it otherwise. Then came Yaluma in an interview with the current presidential press aid promising the nation that Zambia has started importing power from a ship docked in the indian ocean and that load shedding will be a thing of the past.

2. Erratic water supply: 50 years down independence, 64% of Zambians still don’t have access to clean drinking water and sanitation is still a problem. Most paediatric diarrhoea diseases seen and treated in hospital are due to poor sanitation. On average, every Zambian sits and sleeps on a reservoir of underground water.

3. Poor kept political promises. Government has been in habit of feeding its citizens on lies. Ministers have no idea about the agenda of the Government and no knowledge of global economics and politics. The citizens of Zambia have allowed themselves to be used as door marts and instruments of political violence. Its time Citizens started demanding essentials of social and economic existence than just being used statistical entities.

4. Manipulation of the constitution. Parliament was just recently hijacked by the majority in order to safe guard their grip to power. The refusal to subject the constitution to a referendum is criminal yet many Zambians are quite can hardly voice out on what concerns them or what will determine he future of their children.

5. Lack of audit on the use of our poorly acquired debts. I fear for my children and my children’s children for the poor borrowing initiatives PF government has landed them into.

6. TV levy which doesn’t make sense but simply a contribution to advance PF agenda. ZNBC never shows programmes which promote national unity but rather an instrument of political propaganda. Why does the Sunday interview lack a fora for for phone calls? .These and many more are some of the things Zambians should question about their leadership and if at all their interests are a priority. Wouldnt it be better if development was engineered by the communities themselves and GRZ played a facilitation role? Now we are failing to utilize solar and wind energy but suggesting the building of dams on every river which is rather detrimental to marine life and the environment. My opinion is simple, my government has failed me and its a danger to let them continue wasting government resources.


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