Suspended Judge Musonda visits prisoner Mathew Mohan

SUSPENDED Supreme Court judge Philip Musonda last Thursday visited murder suspect Mathew Mohan at Chimbokaila Prison in Lusaka, according to the government funded and controlled  Daily Mail.
Prison records show that Judge Musonda signed in the visitors’ book at 10:00 hours in the morning on his mission to meet Mohan, currently serving a two-and-half-year sentence for theft.
President Sata last week on Monday suspended Judge Musonda and High Court judges Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna and set up a tribunal to investigate them in the case of Development Bank of Zambia v Post Newspapers Limited, JCN Holdings Limited and Mutembo Nchito.
The Daily Mail said it can now reveal that Judge Musonda visited Mohan at the prison three days after his suspension.
“The purpose of the visit was to have a meeting with Mohan, who is a convict there,” a source told the Daily Mail.
“Judge Musonda used a male relative to access prison and Mohan but the nature of discussions between him and Mohan remained vague,” the source said.
The meeting was constantly characterised by gestures, with Mohan seemingly disagreeing with the judge, and it lasted 20 minutes before the judge clad in a blue tracksuit bottom walked out.
Judge Musonda wore a baseball cap and a white golf T-shirt when he entered the heavily-secured prison.
According to sources, Mohan may be a key witness in the forthcoming tribunal that shall hear arguments for and against the three suspended judges in due course.

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