Suspension of councils shows system failure

Suspension of councils shows system failure


By Miko Zulu

The suspension of Lusaka and Kitwe Councils over suspected land irregularities is not a surprise even if it has some Animal Farm syndrome to it.

Councillors across the country have been abusing their positions for a long time now to a point where a seat on any Council is like owning a Diamond mine. Today some Councillors are much more powerful and wealthy than a lot of hard working Zambians because of the the alleged land scams. This reminds me of a named Councillor who recently fenced off kilometres of forest land in Eastern Province. It also validates the violence and killings that characterise what are supposed to be simple Council elections or by elections and how political parties would unleash all their arsenals of violence against their opponents.

We are further reminded of how certain Councils were involved in the unpopular sale of play parks around Lusaka. We are also aware of how markets and bus stations have become political tools for others. In short, Councils are breeding grounds for day light theft and corruption. These Councils are like Temples of Crime and Councillors are the High Priests in these temples as symbolised by their long black robes.

It is therefore timely that we call upon the powers that be to Institute a Lands Tribunal and come up with a Land Audit to establish how land has been allocated under the current regime. We know that in a dishonest and dishonourable regime, such calls usually fall on barren ovaries as seen by the many attempts by former Tourism Minister William Harrington and others over Forest 27.

In a situation where there is a system failure, it is necessary to do a system overhaul and we hope that people will have a taste of prison for their part in the alleged criminal activities. Everyone who will be found wanting including their accomplices must dance to the music of the Law. Zambia is for all of us.


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