Suspicious Kawambwa votes using own pens

Suspicious Kawambwa votes using own pens

Voters at St Mary's basic school in Kawambwa waiting to cast their vote

By Chephas Malimba

People at St. Mary’s Basic School Polling station in Kawambwa woke up as early as 03:30 hours to cast their votes.  By 06:00, there were more than 500 voters in the queue, out of the more than 1 380 registered voters.

However, most voters were seen with their own pens and exchanging pens.  This is due to a rumor that the ECZ provided pens are made in such a way that if you mark X against Sata using ECZ pen, RB being on top while Sata at the bottom, when you fold the ballot paper horizontally, the X against Sata will fade directly to RB’s slot.

The rumour suggests that, this is how the election is going to be rigged.

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