Sweden and Finland demand for their $34m, while Lungu’s ministers walk freely

Edgar Lungu signed a constitution which does not allow for deputy ministers but he decided to ignore it.

Further Lungu ignored the provision for ministers to leave office and kept a bunch of them at government cost until when UPND and the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) went to court but it was still too late as they had already syphoned money and abused property. The court ruled that Lungu’s thieves whom he protected throughout refund the money they earned during their illegal stay.

This is in a poor country but rich countries like Sweden and Finland have demanded a refund of about 34 million US dollars from the Zambia National Farmers Union which was misappropriated and also want the officers prosecuted.

A well placed source at State house says Lungu is determined to be President by all means as he fears to be prosecuted alongside Hus tandem of thieves.

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