Swikapwasha gives police 48 hrs to nab killer

Chief Government Spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha has challenged Police and other law enforcement agencies to be on high alert in order for the Zambia citizens to enjoy peace.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha says peace should prevail at all times without being requested for it from the law enforcement agencies.

Lt-Gen Shikapwasha, who is also Keembe Member of Parlianement and Information and Broadcasting Services minister implored the police officers to provide utmost service to the people in communities.

Lt-Gen Shikapwasha said this in an interview with ZANIS in Chibombo district, Central province. This was during the burial procession of two members of the Keembe neighborhood watch committee in Chibombo district who were allegedly brutally murdered by a suspect who was facing an arson charge.

The deceased persons, Ernest Mutampuka aged 39 and Josen Phiri aged 38 were sent by Keembe Police Superiors to go and apprehend a suspect but allegedly ended up being killed by the suspect.

The suspect axed Josen and Enest to death, burnt their bodies and dumped them in a trench. The suspect has since bolted and police have launched a manhunt for the murderer.

Lt-Gen Shikapwasha regretted that police Officers at Keembe Police Post were taken peace for granted the residents were enjoying hence for them to be on high alert always.

Lt-Gen Shikapwasha also visited and counselled the bereaved members of the two families to be calm assured the families that justice will take its full course as the matter is in the hands of government.

The Minister was forced to seek audience with Keebe police officers where he directed that the suspect who is on the run be apprehended within 48 hours adding that ‘notorious people’ should not take the law into their own hands.

Meanwhile, solemn mood characterized Keembe who attended the funeral. This follows the relatives’ earlier decision who vowed and petitioned government that they would not bury the charred bodies of their deceased persons until a postmortem is conducted.

MMD Chibombo District Chairman Lloyd Kayeka, Village Headmen Chisoko and Shiayala and senior government officials were among the people who attended the burial.

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