Swindled miners appeal for govt intervention

More than 400 former miners and members of the former Miners Association on the Copperbelt are appealing to government to help them get their monies from their association leaders.
The Former Miners disclosed that they were empowered with copper dumpsites by late president Levy Mwanawasa in Chingola to help them generate income.

They formed five groups to start working on the dumpsites.
But the five leaders from each group whom they chose namely Albert Kabungo, Patrick Kayata, Kellys Simwanza, a Mr. Phiri and another man only identified as Lowland sold the dump sites to a Chinese investor without informing members.
Swindled miners disclosed that the “chairmen” sold the sites at 4 Million US Dollars but did not give the members anything.
One of the members revealed that Mr. Kabungo who is also president for Copperbelt Small Scale Miners Association told them that they can go to any media house no one will address their issue because they have bribed the whole network including government officials.
And despite reporting the matter to Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge nothing has been resolved.
Efforts to get a comment from Mr. Albert Kabungo who is copper belt small scale miners president failed.

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