Swine flu not deadly; no one has died in Zambia-Chituwo

Acting health minister Brian Chituwo says the Pandemic H1N1 is not as deadly as was earlier reported.

Dr Chituwo told parliament Thursday afternoon  in a ministerial statement that just like the common cold, the disease is self limiting meaning that after about a week the infection usually fades.
He said there is no need to panic and that  closure of schools as a result of the pandemic is not necessary.
He said new suspected cases are presently being reported from western, north-western and Northern provinces and that experts have already been dispatched to investigate.
He told parliament that though 32 confirmed cases of the pandemic 2009 have been attended to, no single Zambian has died from the disease.
Dr Chituwo attributed the no death record to the vigilance and diligence of health workers as well as the high level awareness in the general population.
He however cautioned that even as the nation assures itself, the disease could get out of control if the country relents in its efforts.
Dr Chituwo said it shall therefore take collective action to successfully contain public health threats such the pandemic 2009.

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