Sylvia Masebo’s 23-year old retarded son is PF deputy ambassador to Japan

Sylvia Masebo’s 23-year old retarded son is PF deputy ambassador to Japan

Sylvia Masebo’ retarded son Dick has been appointed Zambia’s deputy ambassador to Japan.

Dick Masebo Junior is the new counsellor at the Zambian embassy in Tokyo.

The position of counsellor is equivalent to deputy ambassador.  It’s just the name of the title that differs in different embassies.

As can be seen  on the embassy website here, Dick is already in Tokyo and the positions are put in order of superiority.

Dick Masebo, according to government sources is 23 year old. He does not have any academic qualification required for civil servants especially senior diplomats.

He has no work experience as this is his first job.

People close to the Masebo family say apart from this lack of education and experience, Dick Masebo has a mental problem that makes him unable to work properly.

The boy is said to be retarded and suffering from a certain mental condition that makes him ‘slow’.

That could explain his failure to go to college despite his family having money.

Sources say there is no way he could have passed a security test under normal circumstances.

Dick Masebo is the son of Chongwe PF MP Sylivia Masebo with his former husband Dick Masebo.

Syvia Masebo’s maiden name is Sylvia Tembo.

She retained the name Masebo after the marriage with Mr. Masebo broke.

Dickson Masebo was a wealthy Lusaka businessman who was operating a transport business.

Masebo Dick is said to have met Sylvia Tembo when she was studying at UN ZA and sponsored her lavish lifestyle.

She divorced him after he became broke.

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