Take your frustrations to your husband, Nawakwi told

Take your frustrations to your husband, Nawakwi told


8th February, 2021.

The Hatembo family based in Kalomo, Southern province has wondered why perpertual FDD woman leader Edith Nawakwi Hambulo is dragging them into her personal politics and seemingly PF agenda against the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

In an interview with Southern province Journalist, both Milton and Pheluna Hatembo rebuke Nawakwi stating that she is not their family spokesperson.

The duo says the Kalomo farm 1924 was duly sold by themselves and no family member was duped.

Milton Hatembo says he sold his part to Hichilema and that payments were made in full.

Meanwhile the administrator of the property, Pheluna Hatembo says contrary to Edith Nawakwi’s claims, she sold her piece to a Mr Mazuba and that she too was fully paid.

Asked why the family had decided to take legal action against the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema over the same, the duo stated that they were followed by the FDD perennial woman leader to do so.

They say that Nawakwi told them that she wanted to help them but that they didn’t know what kind of help she meant.

And the duo says that considering the court ruling, they find it absurd for them or indeed Edith Nawakwi Hambulo who is not their family spokesperson to be pushing them into her personal fights with Hakainde Hichilema.

And administrator Pheluna Hatembo says if Edith Nawakwi Hatembo is indeed a woman, she must think twice about abusing her fellow woman in order to settle her personal or indeed sponsors hegemony against Hichilema charging that she does not want to be dragged into the matter which was fully settled by the courts.

She says as administrator, she sold her piece of land to Mr Mazuba and all payments were done but wondered why Nawakwi was pushing them to do the unthinkable.

FDD perennial and perpetual woman leader Edith Nawakwi Hambulo on Saturday lamented that farm 1924 in Kalomo which duly belongs to the UPND President Hakainde

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