Sampa asks court to stop Lungu from masquerading as PF president as returning officer disowns Sampa

Sampa asks court to stop Lungu from masquerading as PF president as returning officer disowns Sampa

Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa who is one of the two Patriotic Front Presidents has filed for an injunction in the Lusaka High Court to restrain Edgar Lungu from masquerading as PF President.

Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has pledged to support the candidature of PF Matero MP Miles Sampa as the PF presidential candidate for the forth-coming presidential by-election.

On the other hand, drama in the Patriotic Front continues as returning officer in the PF general conference that elected Miles Sampa as party President says Sampa was not legally elected because they did not form a quorum.

Germano Mutale Kaulungombe one of the country’s most corrupt lawyers says the general conference did not have the minimum 3700 delegates as required by the PF constitution. Kaulungombe however has failed to state why he presided over the illegal conference till the end.

Further, Kaulungombe did not state whether the Edgar Lungu conference where they showed hands like electing a class-monitor formed a quorum.

For those who know how Zambezi Sawmills was liquidated and money stolen, you know who Germano is.

In the court case, Sampa has retained the services of Lusaka Lawyer Makebi Zulu. Sampa wants to Lungu, or any of his agents to stop using the term ‘PF president’.

Matero MP Mr. Sampa, who has since moved the PF Secretariat to GBM’s building where it used to be, has called on all those in the Edgar Lungu camp to come to the real PF, unless they want to join other parties.

Meanwhile, PF Secretary General Bridget Attanga has said that she was still the PF Secretary General, contrary to reports that she has been dismissed by Edgar Lungu.

GBM said as one of the contestants for the PF presidency, he had pledged to support whoever was elected at the PF convention and as far as he was concerned, only Sampa will be recognized as PF party president.

Speaking during a media briefing this morning, GBM said he would not recognize Lungu’s presidency that was elected by show of hands at their conference.

And PF president Miles Sampa has called on the Edgar Lungu camp to join him as they unite towards the forth-coming by-election.

Sampa revealed that he has so far been trying to get in touch with Lungu and his team with a view to join him.

Sampa has also applied for a counter injuction in the Lusaka High Court to declare Lungu’s election as null and void and that he was the rightful president and candidate for the PF candidate.

Meanwhile, PF Bridget Attanga has maintained that no one can dismiss her from her position as Secretary General unless the president who in this case is Matero MP Miles Sampa.

Attanga said he did not recognize Lungu’s presidency as he was illegally elected.

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