Tanaka, before he changed to a girl

Tanaka, before he changed to a girl

Boy in photo is Tanaka, real name Kanyanta Moses Kakana, a Zambian gay activist and is Transgender. That was before he transitioned from Male to female (other photo).

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association-ILGA
has identified “Tanaka” who marched naked on Great East Road in Lusaka yesterday as their activist and leader.

Tanaka, who is based in South Africa is in Zambia to raise gay awareness and the naked march was part of the activism.

She has also been identified as Kanyanta Moses Kakana of Zambia, a young feminist trans-woman and independent human rights activist who was recently elected alternate co-chair (female) on the Pan Africa ILGA board.

Kakana was born as Moses and male and is in the process of changing her gender from male to female.

She has had breast implant surgery and us on hormone therapy but still gas make genatalia.

A transgender is a woman who changes herself to a man or man who changes himself to a woman.

Kakana is based in South Africa.

Earlier a report broke out that a Lusaka woman who is also a hermaphrodite and identified as Tanaka has protested by walking naked on Great East Road.

She narrated a story that she was a hermaphrodite who has escaped from Chainama Mental Health Hospital where her guardians placed her suspecting that she has had a mental break down.

She claimed that she has been put in jail(mental hospital) because no one understands her condition especially that she has big breats and brought up as a woman but she has full male genatalia.

She also broadcast her walk protest live on her social media account and showing her male genatalia. Her video of full breasts and Male genitalia has gone viral.

A hermaphrodite is a person having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics, either abnormally as natural condition.

Tanaka says she wants people to understand her condition and that of others who usually commit suicide as no one understand the situation and they have to live life of a lie.

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