Tanker sinks in Kafue river

A tanker laden with 36,000 liters of diesel has sunk in Kafue river after it slipped from the pontoon as it was been ferried across the river to Chiawa area.

A check by ZANIS This  morning found the pontoon parked on the edge of the river and the fuel tanker completely submerged in water as vehicles queued up waiting for a small canoe to ferry people across.

Pontoon operators told Kafue District Commissioner, Winford Ngoma, who visited the site that no life was lost but only the tanker had submerged together with the diesel in it. The truck was delivering diesel to Zambeef farm in Chiawa.

Pontoon Supervisor, Michael Kamwi, explained that the incident happened yesterday around 15.30 hours as the pontoon wwas ferrying the truck across the river.

Mr Kamwi said the truck had slipped off the pontoon after moving 20 meters away from the river bunk.

He said the only people who were on the pontoon were the driver of the truck and three operators who managed to survive, adding that one engine of the pontoon also got damaged in the process.

The pontoon has since been parked waiting for the engineers from ESCO to repair it.

Mr Kamwi blamed the tanker driver for the accident, saying he failed to align the truck well on the pontoon.

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