Tanzania police use ‘fruits’ to force heroine from bowels of Zambian woman

Tanzania police use ‘fruits’ to force heroine from bowels of Zambian woman

Police in Tanzania are forcing a Zambian woman to expel heroine from her bowels and so far she has discharged 49 pellets worth about ZK100 million.

Mary Nvula who swallowed the heroine and pretended to be pregnant in order to pass it through border controls was arrested at Mwalimu Nyerere airport on May 2, 2012.

The 30-yeard old Mary Mvula was returning to Zambia from Pakistan via Dubai.

Godffrey Nzowa, Tanzania’s deputy Commissioner of the Anti-drug police told the media that Mary Mvula is being fed with ‘fruits’ to speed up digestion so that she can discharge the drugs. He did not say what kind of fruits they are.

Nzowa said Mary Nvula could not go to the toilet for three days after she was arrested despite the ‘fruits’ she was fed on to speed up the digestion.

The police chief said Mvula’s bowels finally opened on Saturday dispelling 49 pellets of heroine after holding up for three days.

He said they suspect she still has some more pellets in her stomach and they have continued to feed her with ‘fruits’ so that she can discharge the remaining drugs.

Nzowa said Mvula at first pretended to be pregnant to avoid an X-ray but that the police have since established that she is not pregnant.

He said Mvula stays in Lusaka and bears passport number ZN 190899 issued on October 10, 2010. He said Mvula will be taken to court after police investigations are complete.

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