Tanzanian businessman fails to revamp Mulungushi Textiles,  now selling his fertiliser at plant

The bogus Tanzanian businessman to whom the PF sold Mulungushi Textiles factory in Kabwe with hope of resuscitating the factory and provide employment is now selling fertiliser imported from Tanzania.

In July Last year Mohamed Enterprises Textiles Limited (METL)was dubiously awarded the factory and promised to revamp it, ahead of the 2011 elections PF quickly signed a ten year renewable lease agreement and started getting application letters from people as a way of winning the election.
However the ‘investor’ has brought in tonnes of fertiliser from Tanzania which is being secretly sold in bulk to some commercial farmers, the fertiliser dealing has blessings of President Edgar Lungu who is said to have received money for campaigns from the ‘investor’. Mulungushi Textiles was under the ministry of defence and sources say that one of the reasons Lungu has maintained the defence portifolio is to cover his tracks.
Lungu has maintained the borad chairman at Mulungushi textiles and appointed one other board member Emmanuel Chilubanama to be state house permanent secretary.
from inception, the Zambian Watchdog had warned of the corruption that surrounded the Mulungushi textiles lease, we had said it was nothing but a scheme to win the Highridge ward election which fell in October and later secure Lungu’s victory in January. Meanwhile Kabwe employment remains the same and only benefit is to be the head office for street vendors foundation.

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