Tanzanian trucking company threatens Times of Zambia

Tanzanian trucking company threatens Times of Zambia

Alistair Logistics, a Tanzanian trucking Conglomerate has threatened, intimidated and forced the Times of Zambia from publishing an article that sought to expose that company’ s corruption and intentions to ‘kill’ local competitors.

Alistair Logistics has registered more than 200 trucks in Zambia  with the  intention of killing the local transporters as it resorts to under cutting the rates.

Zambian Transporters authored an article (advertorial) highlighting Alistair’s ill motives and schemes to destroy the local competitors. To guarantee that their article is published and therefore their concerns heard, the transporters bought space in the Times of Zambia so that the article can be published as an advert.

Then corruption kicked in. Someone within Times of Zambia contacted Alistair and warned the East African transporter that their evil plans are about to be exposed.

Alistair hired lawyer Antony Kasolo to pile pressure and threaten the Times of Zambia. Scared and bribed, Times of Zambia withdrew the article.

In the attached video, Times of Zambia managing Editor Bestone Ngonga is heard pleading with clients who paid for the advert exposing corruption to just take back their money.

The Watchdog has the said article which Times of Zambia failed to publish and we shall publish it. We have a wider readership compared to Times of Zambia and Daily Mail combined.

On our Facebook page, you can listen to Times of Zambia editor Bestone Ngonga trying to convince the clients to just take back their money.

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