Tasila Lungu and stolen K200, 000

Tasila Lungu and stolen  K200, 000

I heard on Prime TV that a gardener has been imprisoned for stealing K200, 000 from president Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila. May the thief rot in jail.

But I am just wondering how rich Tasila Lungu is for her to be found with such cash? What business does she do? Why does she keep such money at home and not in the bank? Is she afraid of the Financial Intelligence Centre or what ? I am aware that she is a counsellor for some ward and gets paid for that role. But do councillors earn so much money that they can afford to keep K200, 000 at home ? If the Gardener stoke K200, 000, how much was in the house? And why was this matter hidden from the public if it went to police and courts such that we are only hearing about it now that the thief is in prison?

I now understand why FIC is not welcome in PF. These people will certainly go to jail, one day.

Vincent Chananyansi

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