Tasila Lungu in fake gold deal

Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila was last week swindled out of $300,000 USD (K3m) by some individuals who offered to sell her gold.

According to intelligence reports, Tasila paid over $300,000 USD to people purporting to have 60kg Gold. ’It was only after having parted with the cash that she discovered that the gold nuggets were not real but fake, made out of cheap brass,’ a contact has told the Watchdog. But since Tasila has no formal job and no known business from where she can earn $300,000, she did not report the ‘theft’ to police. Instead, her father has set the OP to try and find the fraudsters who are said to have left the country.

In order to recover the money, on Tuesday (Yesterday) Tasila sent 10 trucks to go and load Mukula logs at Lusaka’s ZAFFICO yard near heroes’ stadium.


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    blazer 3 months

    ba tasila where did you get that money from some of we suffering of money but you are busy making dealt, I think its a good lesson to u

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    Where did she get that king of money when people in Zambia are starving ??

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    If this is true then too bad.

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    Ba Tembo 3 months

    That gold scam has been circulating on the internet for years now and the police in the US and Canada have been warning people and asking them to report such incidences. One would think this girl was sort of smart but I guess her brain is full of cobwebs. Anyways, the apple does not fall far from the tree!

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      kidon 3 months

      Good lesson for her.hope next time she will consider doing business not deals.and where did she get 300000 USD.I smell laundered money in this scam.