Task Force officially disbanded

Government has finally disbanded the Task Force on corruption and fused it as a department  of  the Anti Corruption Commission.

Vice president George Kunda told parliament in a ministerial statement Thursday that the decision to disband the task force on corruption was taken at a cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.
Kunda told the house that that Anti Corruption Commission will take over all the cases that were being prosecuted by the task force on corruption, while its work will with immediate effect be fused not one of the departments of the ACC to be created.
He said only one prosecutor Mutembo Nchito who is currently prosecuting cases on behalf of the task force will be allowed to continue prosecuting the remaining cases before the courts.
Mr Kunda says the task force on corruption has substantially executed its mandate and that most of the cases under its mandate have either been concluded or are pending appeal in the high courts, while are few cases are pending trial in the subordinate courts.
He said it is the intention of government to streamline and realign the fight against corruption in line with the recently launch national anti corruption policy.
He adds that in line with the national anti corruption policy government will build capacity in the Anti Corruption Commission and create specialized department that will deal with related crimes such as serious fraud, financial crime, corruption and money laundering.
The vice president further said that it is not necessary to have two institutions fighting corruption at the same time.


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